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Jordan Howarth

Projects & Technical Capability Manager

A dynamic professional with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, Jordan began his journey at BAE Systems as a Technical Apprentice, diligently progressing to become a Senior Development Engineer in their respected R&D division.

His pioneering work didn’t merely stay within the remit of research. Jordan led the integration of cutting-edge R&D technologies into existing production lines, seamlessly bridging knowledge gaps and nurturing skill enhancement. This robust experience, coupled with his HND in Aeronautical Engineering, uniquely equips him to grasp intricate technical nuances.

At Jarion, Jordan's multifaceted expertise and pragmatic approach are invaluable to emerging entrepreneurs. He methodically assesses ideas, engages in iterative development, and sketches strategic blueprints for business setup, liaising with key stakeholders. Drawn to Jarion's agility and top-tier talent, Jordan is poised to propel entrepreneurial ventures to unmatched heights.

Jordan Howarth
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