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Our Values

Championing Respect, Integrity, Employee Growth, and Client Care Excellence.

These values below are not just glib words banded about because of some fanciful ‘mission statement’ or to sound good. We mean them. We live them. Each company that has Jarion Ltd as its major shareholder, must adopt throughout all its business dealings the following values:

  • We must treat all people (including customers, colleagues, suppliers, and the wider stakeholder community) with respect all at times.

  • We will not accept rude behaviour from customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders at any time.


  • We will only employ, and continue to employ, employees and engage with suppliers who display openly the personal characteristics of humility, honesty, enthusiasm, respect, positivity and a ‘can do’ attitude.


  • We will seek opportunities (at least annually) to identify employee training needs (and wants) and wherever possible and practicable, provide time and resource to accommodate these needs (and wants).


  • We shall be very careful in our recruitment and maintenance of ‘customers’ (customers here being defined as ‘any body corporate or otherwise paying regular fees to the company’) to ensure, wherever possible, that these customers share these ‘group values’.


  • We shall, at all times and in all decision making, try to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and consumers in every action we take.

Be Respectful
Be Polite & Considerate
Act With Humility & Honesty
Demonstrate Enthusiasm & Positivity
Deliver The Best Possible Outcomes For Clients And Consumers
Foster A Shared Culture/ Values With External Partners
Develop Colleagues
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