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Case Studies

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Stewart Dickson

When Jarion and our network crossed paths with Stewart over many years, we saw more than just a talented renewable expert. We saw a great business idea. We saw a caring leader passionate about renewable energy, a professional with a profound understanding of the industry, and an individual rooted deeply in the belief of ‘doing things right’.
As part of Jarion's ongoing mission to support and empower entrepreneurs, we were proud to partner with Infinite Renewables, providing funding, advice, resources and access to our trusted partner network to turn Stewart's dream into a reality.

Infinite Renewable Energy Systems

Today, Infinite Renewables shows what can be achieved with the right blend of vision, expertise, and support.
Specialising in Solar PV, Battery Storage Systems, and EV Charging Points, the company now proudly serves both domestic and commercial sectors across the UK.

Infinite Renewables boasts accreditations from MCS, HIES, NAPIT, and Trustmark, assuring clients of their unwavering commitment to quality.

Their relocation to the Halo Enterprise & Innovation Centre has further established them as a central figure in the heart of Ayrshire's renewable energy scene.

The company's guarantee of high-quality workmanship stands as an industry benchmark, further solidified by the vast network of installers, electricians, and surveyors dedicated to upholding these standards.

At Jarion, we believe in backing entrepreneurs who make a difference. Stewart and Infinite Renewables epitomize this belief. Our partnership is a shining example of how, with the right support and investment, visionary entrepreneurs can reshape industries and communities.

We are proud to have played a role in the establishment of Infinite Renewables and look forward to many more years of shared growth, innovation, and dedication to a greener future.



Stewart Dickson

Managing Director

Infinte Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

Rory Gibson &
Jill Barrowclough

The world of recruitment is undergoing a paradigm shift. When Rory Gibson, a seasoned recruitment specialist, applied for a role within Jarion, it was more than just a typical application. It was an opportunity, a partnership in the making. Alongside the equally talented Jill Barrowclough, whose expertise in HR and Talent Management shone brightly, a game-changing idea emerged: Talent Sphere.

Jarion saw a chance to help revolutionise the recruitment industry. With Talent Sphere, the focus would shift from just placing candidates to ensuring the perfect fit for both employer and employee.

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Talent Sphere

Talent Sphere has now emerged as a beacon of change in the recruitment and talent management world. Its human-centric, holistic approach focuses on more than just placing the ideal candidate in the ideal role and company; it's about building lasting and valuable relationships, assisting growth, and maximizing employee potential.

With an understanding of the new era of employee power, Talent Sphere works hand-in-hand with employers, ensuring they not only retain their best talent but also attract industry leaders.

The firm offers a comprehensive suite of Talent Management solutions, addressing every facet of employee relationship management while keeping pace with the latest industry trends.

Their unique approach of payment post-probation (employers don’t have to pay for any new recruits for 6 months after placement) has disrupted the conventional recruitment model, signalling a shift towards trust, confidence, integrity and long-term vision- a welcome and much needed change in the perception of recruitment agencies.

Talent Sphere exemplifies what Jarion aims to achieve with every partnership: creating transformative solutions that address real-world challenges and needs. Rory's vast experience, combined with Jill's HR prowess, has resulted in a model that doesn't just place candidates but elevates businesses.

We're proud of the collaborative journey we've had with Talent Sphere, and we're excited about the changes they're championing in the recruitment industry.


Rory Gibson

Managing Director

Talent Sphere Ltd



"Launching a renewable installation business is challenging. Yet, with Jarion's invaluable support, mentoring, and investment, my business is flourishing from conception to launch, Jarion wasn't just a financier but a dedicated partner. Their extensive contacts and unwavering belief in my vision were paramount to our successful establishment. Immense gratitude to the Jarion team for their pivotal role in my journey."

Stewart Dickson - MD Infinite Renewable Energy Systems

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