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About Us

Origins and Evolution:
The seeds of our vision were sown way back in 1996. Richard Christie and Tony Pickup formed their first business together which was to become Quality Mark Protection Ltd (one of the largest deposit protection and insurance backed guarantee brokers in the UK) and embarked on a mission to redefine and bolster consumer protection within the home improvement sector. Over two decades, this mission helped launch a plethora of businesses (please see: ‘Our Investments’) most aimed at providing safeguards to consumers. In 2017 Jarion Ltd was formed, originally to hold shares in these businesses, but now is dedicated to sharing our learning and actively nurturing innovative business ideas by dedicating resources, funding and advice to promising and ethical entrepreneurs, helping them transform their ideas into flourishing businesses.

Our Leadership (see Our Team):
While Richard and Tony provide strategic oversight, they are ably supported by a robust team of in-house experts employed by Jarion to include these key posts :


  • Managing Director

  • Head of Group Compliance

  • Projects and Technical Capability Manager

  • Head of Group Finance

  • Sales and Marketing Director

Each of these roles contributes to the overarching vision of Jarion, and they work collaboratively to ensure all business undertakings align with the core values established by Richard and Tony.

Our Approach:
We believe in the power of collaboration and in-depth planning. Our Projects and Technical Capability Manager collaborates with entrepreneurs, meticulously crafting business plans and profit-loss projections. These are then reviewed and vetted by the senior leadership team at Jarion, ensuring that each venture we decide to work with aligns with our goals and values.

Our Achievements:
The proof of our commitment and strategy lies in our results. To date, we've helped successfully establish 12 start-up businesses, and several more are in the pipeline, waiting to be unveiled.

Who We Work With:
Our doors are open to a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs from fresh entrepreneurs brimming with ideas to established businesses seeking a new direction, we're always on the lookout for potential collaborations that resonate with our ethos and values.

Our Services:
At Jarion, we pride ourselves on being an ‘all embracing’ solution for new businesses and businesses who need some help or want to expand whether you just need finance, in-house expertise, or assistance from our Senior Leadership Team or trusted partners, we ensure that every requirement is investigated, fostering smooth operations and sustainable growth.

Looking Ahead:
As we gaze into the future, our vision for the next 5 to 10 years is clear. We aim to be the driving force behind an array of varied businesses, solidifying our reputation as not just investors but as cultivators of innovation and excellence.

We are always keen to explore new avenues where we can make a positive impact, reflecting our belief in holistic growth, both in business and society.

Join the Jarion journey, where innovation meets unwavering commitment to excellence.

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